Аудио by Rina - Special for you,Stasya My best friend Love you You are only MY girl ..

Клип к песне PrinceWhateverer - Pursuing Fortune (Acoustic Ft. TheJournalisticBrony, Commissioned by Rina)


-- WIP --

I was commissioned to acoustify a track for Rina and Maestro's 1 year anniversary!

So I wish a very happy one year to Rina and Maestro!

Art by the amazing Dino! (Who always saves my butt)


Grab the track here!

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Instrumental - )_Commissioned_by_Rina_[INSTRUMENTAL].mp3

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At the moment commissions are closed, but will re-open once I've cleared my current ones! If you wan more detail on them, head over to my Facebook! :D


Additional pianos by the very talented TheJournalisticBrony!!


got EQD'd! :O




If I said I loved you
Would you stay by my side?
If I said I need you
Would you stay here tonight?
I can't chase you forever
Still, I'll chase you forever

Whoa whoa


Like the breeze, you'll blow right through me
Show me the things I wish I could be


Someone for you to understand
Let's get too close, just take my hand
then I'll make you see
What you could mean to me


Don't leave me on the ocean floor
This could be what you're looking for
I could be what you're looking for


If you are the tide
Then I'll be the shore
Come wash away all the things
That make me impure

You be the sails
I'll be the captain
Take me away from this place
This place we're trapped in


I would leave it all behind
If only I could call you mine
I'll be there to sing you to sleep
If you'll believe that I could be


Will you follow me if I say I believe in
Magic just as much as
These feelings I know I have

These words could mean the world to you
If you would just let them be true
So I'll say that I love you
Let me say that I love you