Песня Justin Bieber - My World (All Songs Mashup) - Justin Bieber

Клип Justin Bieber Mashup - My World (2.0) - djNicoWuzHere




Okay! I want everyone to know, I specifically made this mashup for my friend C.J! I respect JB as an artist and I think he's doing a great job being one. I made this mashup purely upon request and I liked a outcome.
I also want to state that I'm not trying to be DJ Earworm because obviously I am not. He manipulates the audio of a song and uses it to its maximum potential, which is something I intend to learn. But I do get a lot of inspiration from DJ Earworm.

Songs Used:
- Baby
- Somebody To Love
- One Time
- One Less Lonely
- Eenie Menie
- Pray
- U Smile
- Never Say Never
- That Should Be Me

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***All Standard Disclaimers Apply***
This video was made out of a non-profit and/or educational purpose, and according to US fair use, I am not violating he spirit of the law. While doing so: the video was constantly changing, not using more of the work than necessary, and not affecting the market value in anyway.