Mp3 Köngin (2016) - Rammstein

Текст песни Königin

Den Geisterzug besteig ich gern
du bist mein Fluch
zugleich mein Stern
vergötter dich
hör ich Gelächter
dann seh ich rot
und werd zum Schlächter

Ich werd dich nie verlassen
dein Glanz wird nie verblassen
du bist meine Königin
Ich liege dir zu Füßen
in dir damit mein Sinn
du bist meine Königin

Gebenedeit und auserkoren
hast mich unter Schmerz geboren
dein Fleisch und Blut tief in mir ist
weil du meine Mutter bist

Den Geisterzug besteig ich gern
der Schaffner naht
wo ist mein Stern
sie packen mich
das Licht geht aus
die Injektion bringt mich nach Haus



Я с радостью сажусь на призрачный экспресс;
ты мое проклятие,
но в то же время мое счастье.
Я обожаю
слушать твой смех,
но затем я бешусь
и превращаюсь в убийцу!

Я никогда тебя не покину,
твой блеск никогда не померкнет -
ты моя королева.
Я лежу у тебя в ногах,
в тебе вместе с тем мой рассудок -
ты моя королева.

Благословенная и избранная,
ты родила меня в муках.
Твои плоть и кровь глубоко во мне,
ведь ты моя мать!

Я с радостью сажусь на призрачный экспресс;
приближается проводник,
но где мое счастье?
Они хватают меня,
свет гаснет,
и инъекция возвращает меня домой!

Видео к песне Rammstein - Links 2 3 4 (Official Video)

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Premiere: May 18th, 2001
Director: Zoran Bihać
Single: Links 2 3 4
From the album: Mutter
Info: Animation video

LINKS 2 3 4 is the 2nd single released from the album MUTTER. The tracklist includes the original version of the song, a remix by Clawfinger and two by Westbam, plus one additional track named HALLELUJAH, which was exclusively available on this single. Additionally, LINKS 2 3 4 was also released as a DVD which containing the video, the making of and a photo gallery.

Rammstein was formed in 1993 by an ensemble of factory-weary proletarians raised in East Germany. They took their name (adding an "m") from the location of a German tragedy where 80 people were injured and killed as the result of a crash during an American Air Force air show. The literal translation of "Ram Stein" is a battering ram made of stone.

Word of Rammstein's horror/romanticist blend of theater and music - spread quickly - one-time Olympic swimmer Till Lindemann would sometimes sing entire songs engulfed in flame from head to toe. The band's first album, HERZELEID (English: Heartache), elaborated on the foundations set by the band's live reputation. Scaling the German charts, and remaining there until the release of the second Rammstein LP some two years later, the album also introduced the band to the world outside of the Germany/Switzerland/Austria region.

As Rammstein's second album, SEHNSUCHT (English: Longing), was released, the band was playing headlines shows across Europe to crowds of 10,000 to 30,000 people. SEHNSUCHT entered the German charts at number one immediately upon its release and came very close to doing the same in Austria and Switzerland. Within weeks, entries on other countries' charts had SEHNSUCHT rubbing elbows with The Prodigy, Radiohead, and The Rolling Stones on Billboard's cumulative Eurochart. From there the fever spread, transcending any perceived language barrier.

MUTTER followed in 2001, REISE, REISE in 2004, and the live collection VOLKERBALL in 2006. LIEBE IST FÜR ALLE DA followed in 2009. A limited edition of the album was packed in a metal suitcase that also housed six sex toys, one for each member of the band.
~ Ed Nimmervoll, Rovi