Roll It Up (Edited) (группа,, ОСТ Форсаж 6 / - The Crystal Method

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Форсаж 6 / Fast & Furious 6
2013 год

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Клип The Crystal Method - Vegas - HQ Full Album

0:00 Trip Like I Do - 7:34 Busy Child - 14:59 Cherry Twist
19:25 High Roller - 24:55 Comin' Back - 30:33 Keep Hope Alive
36:45 Vapor Trail - 43:17 She's My Pusher - 48:58 Jaded
56:03 Now Is The Time - 62:01 Bad Stone

High Quality Full Album - 1997
The Crystal Method - Vegas

«The album itself remains a classic in the American electronic music genre because of the influence it had on so many other artists of the era. The variety on the album is unlike what you get from most other artists making this kind of music. Granted, this is the kind of music that was originally intended to be for the clubs, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work on it's own in any environment.»

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